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Thinking Freely: An Endless Journey!

THINKING FREELY: an endless journey! eBook by Antonio Balzani › Kobo Books › eBooks › Fiction & Literature

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Thinking freely: an endless journey

Bardi: the origin and the end

Bardi: the origin and the end

AB Line  e  Babelcube Inc. edition  Traduzione  Rosemary Dawn Allison   

A circle has no tail and the farthest point is also the nearest one.

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 I really enjoyed translating this book, it is a ramble through a man's life, autobiographical, a scientist and an observant writer.     Rosemary Allison 

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  THINKING FREELY: an endless journey! eBook by Antonio Balzani › Kobo Books › eBooks › Fiction & Literature

Rosemary Allison Digital Prints:   

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"A book that spends the topics that life concerns and great fundamental matters.thoughts of one life and life: on Science and Society; Nature, History, World Religions; Love. Philosophy an essential. 

Basic reflections on emotions and memories, casual remarks: a panorama, a situation, a pronounced or heard phrase, a conversation. The Scientific Method. Questions are possible and responsive responses that may allow suddenly two years, when the brain, completely autonomous, decide to connect the connections. Maybe traveling in the cars: moments in which warning is distracted, between waking and sleeping. "
The book represents a journey that makes up the life of a man, in particular, the author of the book.
Everything takes place around a central trunk, "a tree of life".
A circle, a loop, an endless path, an infinite journey different to each one of us, but overlapping.

Antonio Balzani, born in Bardi (PR) Italy in 1952. Environmental expert chemist and geologist. Teacher. He writes articles of Social Ecology, the effects of pollution on society. His books: From chaos to melody. The usual school is about to change. Frontiers: Three stories from the frontier.

Nothing is normal in nature: you are normal, me too!

Like the mammal the duck-billed platypus, beaver tail, rat body, capable of varying its metabolism, from 200 to 10 heart beats so it can stay underwater, armed with poison, with its eyes closed it can detect the electrical currents linked to the life of its prey. A freak of nature, a set of possibilities.

 Normality is bullshit! It’s unnatural, does not exist ... fortunately!!!  I repeat and emphasize this for the skeptics, the certified, conformists, minors! And that everyone is seeking finding and playing their own game!


Have you ever wanted to write a diary? Maybe occasionally I’ve also wanted to, but I’ve never been able to. A journal is a chronological account, methodical, about events that have happened, impressions.

I’ve never been methodical but I’m a good observer and an independent thinker. I explain thoughts, based on random ideas, a landscape, a situation, a spoken or heard phrase, which hopefully suddenly arises after years, when the brain, all on its own, decides to provide the links, maybe when traveling by car, when the attention is mostly automatic, for most of the time, roughly like between waking and sleeping.

Well, I decided that every now and again I’d concentrate and randomly jot down some of these thoughts, as they came up and, in the end, create an introspective diary that sweeps across everything that passes through and determines life.

What I’ve written and reordered to create, the diary, if not only because it will also be read by others and not only by me?

 I go over my thoughts again hoping they’ll still be useful to someone.

 In the end, just a little before anyone else might read it, I’ll read it again and maybe I’ll try to put it in some sort of order although I’ll leave the option open to the readers to discuss the wherewith all and stimulate them to think about everything, because life is a series of things, and only idiots could think it is something simple and straightforward.

 I had to collect and identify the essential points, simplifying and expressing them as food for thought for those who are reading, never falsifying or completely ignoring the truths that lie behind them.

 A good summary is abstracted from reality, a synthesis that suggests touching on as many aspects as possible in the breadth of the topics involved.

 I hope you can read these thoughts from anywhere in the text, and always find a beginning and not an end, because these are thoughts, they arrive, disappear, reappear change and start again as freely as chaos that seeks order to exist and be, in eternity.

When someone gives you what he or she is able to, they’ve already given too much! Be content, therefore, be grateful for what you’ve received anyway; don’t ask for more than what, in any case, you know you cannot have.

New ideas always advance, but not because they are necessarily better, just because the old die.

It’s natural that the elderly are supplanted, replaced by the young; the important thing is that they, the old, understand this and give them something to do, not to obstruct them but to select and train the best, the finest young people who will replace them.

 Ideas run through my head.

 Choose your, your c…onsequences!

Always think positively but be prepared to face the worst.

 It would be nice to know for certain what we’re going to do, whatever it is.

A good and useful question to ask, and one to ask the person you’re talking to, would be: why are you here now? But it would also be good to ask: how do you justify your existence?

Life does not need justification, and that’s it!

The Bardi castle with its history and its ghosts

The Bardi castle with its history and its ghosts

The world is great

The world is great

The ignorant and foolish are excellent products for the composition of a nation of consumers, able to be indoctrinated, persuaded, willing to take charge of the induced needs of consumer and subliminal demands, which are gradually imposed by development strategists, in exchange for a few trite demagogic and populist slogans.

I know you’re not ignorant, and I also know you’re not imbeciles.

It’s not worth arguing with the ignorant, since they ignore, precisely, they are so full of certainties and so arrogant about defending their narrow viewpoint with their fanatical enthusiasm they seek nothing else but victory, which is the very antithesis of animated discussion, since this necessarily changes over time, the ideas of those who argue acknowledging or questioning a few certainties or views expressed by each, including you, always introducing new ideas to be studied.

 Ideas change, must change over time otherwise, if yours have solidified and have become unvarying, then you have become one of the ignorant, and our exchange, your reading, ends here.

 I still think you’re not stupid since the only impossible thing to do in the world, the entire universe, is to explain to a fool that he is one. If he were able to understand this he would not be a fool. If you can understand this, you can’t possibly be one. 

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